[New podcast] European Populism, a risk or an opportunity for MNCs?

November 16, 2018 – This post was written by Mark McNamee, Martin Belchev, and Athanasia Kokkinogeni.

The European populism wave of 2016/7 came to an end with positive outcomes in the French, Dutch, and German elections. Nevertheless, European populism hasn’t disappeared in 2018/9. On the contrary, we are recently observing a rise in European populism at the sight of Brexit, the Italian budget talks, and protests in Romania and Poland, continuing to trouble executives.

In this podcast, Mark McNamee, Europe Practice Leader, discusses with Athanasia Kokkinogeni, Western Europe Analyst, and Martin Belchev, Central and Eastern Europe Analyst, the risks and opportunities as well as the business impacts of European populism. No evidence proves that European populism has an effect oneconomic growth levels, but European populism has and will continue to have an undeniable distinct effect on sentiment, policy-making and investments.

FSG clients can listen to the podcast on FrontierView here.

Not a client? You can listen below or download the episode from FSG’s Emerging Markets Insights channel on iTunes and Stitcher.

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