What Our Analysts Are Reading – 8/24/2018

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Each week Frontier Strategy Group’s global team shares their view on key media stories, and what the implications are for businesses that operate in emerging markets. For more information about how to contact our analysts, send us an email.


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Matthew KindingerMatthew Kindinger on “Angola’s IMF request highlights financial strain’

“The Angolan government plans to seek financial support from the IMF. Although president Lourenço has initiated numerous pro-business reforms which have liberalized several sectors since late 2017, investment remains weak and structural reliance on oil continues to hinder growth prospects. MNCs—especially those selling to government—should anticipate weak customer sentiment over the coming year.

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JosefJosef Jelinek on “​China, Unsure of How to Handle Trump, Braces for ‘New Cold War’

“A growing number of voices in China see the Trump administration’s tariffs as a way to contain China’s rise. While some feel that China, under Xi Jinping, has been too confrontational, and that the nation does need to open up more to foreign business, better protect intellectual property, and create a more level playing field, they don’t want China to be seen to be bending to Trump’s demands.

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Mark McNamee

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Ryan Connelly on “In trade battle with China, Trump sees a war he can win”

“Though markets have rallied on the news that low level talks between the US and China are resuming this week, these talks are unlikely to bring around a quick end to US-China tensions. The US demands on China from the May meeting were unacceptable, and since then, Trump has had positive reinforcement from his admin, and both Republican and Democratic lawmakers to pursue new measures against China.

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Pratima SinghPratima Singh on “India oil import costs set to rise as Iran US sanctions kick in

“US sanctions on Iranian oil will negatively impact India’s oil supplies, as the country imports a large share from Iran. The Indian government will need to search for alternative supplies, which are likely to be more expensive. This will increase India’s import bill, widen the current account deficit, and further weaken the rupee, driving up costs for MNCs operating in India.

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