China’s Belt and Road Initiative: How Will Beijing’s Ambitious Global Connectivity Plan Impact MNCs?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an infrastructure development plan that will have global ramifications.  It will affect connectivity and competition within and across markets for years to come, and no country or sector is off-limits.  Multinational executives will need to evaluate the BRI’s implications for their global and regional businesses.

Frontier Strategy Group’s flagship Ahead of the Curve report on China’s Belt and Road Initiative is designed to help multinational companies (MNCs) understand the initiative, identify the opportunities and risks it will create, and distinguish the geographies that are likely to be most impacted. Suggested actions discussed in the report include:

  • Prepare for increased Chinese competition in BRI countries by adopting a customer intelligence program.
  • Determine the feasibility of participating in BRI projects, either directly or indirectly, while checking against the risk of doing so.

“The BRI is a vaguely defined concept by design and is not constrained by geography. Furthermore, the official plan says the initiative is open for cooperation,” said Josef Jelinek, senior research analyst for China at FSG, and author of this report.  “Executives can use this report to determine their exposure to the BRI, understanding that spillovers will be both negative and positive and should be leveraged and mitigated against respectively.”

This report, and many others like it, is available in the Frontier Strategy Group Online store. Click here for sample pages to help you evaluate whether the report is right for you.

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