Global Leadership Briefing: Capitalize on Growth Upturn Despite Protectionist Risks

Many multinational companies are increasing sales targets and investment levels as expectations for economic growth continue to rise. In parallel, executives should invest more time in risk management given the escalating likelihood of a downside geopolitical scenario disrupting their business environment. These are key findings of FSG’s new monthly Global Economics report. This edition also features FSG’s updated view on a US-China Trade War and new research findings on monetizing value-added services.

Frontier Strategy Group’s Global Leadership Briefing is designed to help executive teams stay ahead of the curve on fast-changing global macroeconomic and political trends, develop an aligned set of expectations for developed and emerging markets alike, adapt to new external risks and opportunities, and evaluate emerging strategies from the fastest-growing international businesses.  This briefing suggests two actions that should help multinational company executives mitigate against short-term risk while investing for long-term growth:

  • Contingency Planning: Identify what concrete steps are required to mitigate high-priority risks or capture unexpected opportunities, and build pragmatic plans linked to the associated scenarios.
  • Monetize Value-Added Services: Create and sustain competitive differentiation with value-added services, and in the process realize consistent and meaningful commercial gains.

“Global growth is improving, most currencies continued to gradually strengthen against the dollar, and commodity prices remain strong, creating the most positive macroeconomic environment for most multinationals in years,” said Antonio Martinez, Director of Global Economics at FSG, and author of this report.  “In this environment, heads of international need to ensure that regional and local leadership teams continue to focus on hitting short-term growth and profitability targets, while investing in long-term strategic initiatives and boosting resilience against market shocks.”

This report, and many others like it, is available in the Frontier Strategy Group Online store.  Click here for sample pages to help you evaluate whether the report is right for you.

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