Get ahead of competitors on Brexit planning

EU-UK negotiations on Brexit have reached a crucial stage. The confirmation of a transitional deal until December 2020 has mitigated short-term business concerns, however a downside in ratifying the deal is still possible by October 2018. Most importantly medium-term concerns have peaked, and MNCs should plan now on the basis of well-laid scenarios to prevent a disruption in their supply chain, trade, demand, pricing and talent after the end of the transitional deal.

In an exclusive podcast, Athanasia Kokkinogeni, FSG’s WEUR Analyst, discusses with Mark McNamee, Practice Leader for Europe, the future of these negotiations, what this means for the UK economy, and how the business world will be impacted in the short, medium, and long term.

FSG clients can listen to the podcast on FrontierView here or listen to the full podcast by clicking on the audio player below:

Further analysis is likewise available in our recently published Brexit: Scenarios & Impact on MNCs.

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