[PODCAST] How This International Executive Took Pinkberry Global

There is a myriad of challenges when establishing brands on a global scale. Due to the cultural and linguistic nuances that range from country to country and the differences in local business norms, such as the role of government and private-sector stakeholders, how do brands effectively promote one message to satisfy contrasting markets? Not to mention, the internal challenges a corporation faces as management figures out how to strike the right balance between centralized decision-making at headquarters with providing just the right amount of autonomy to their regional and country managers to make the necessary adjustments for the local market.

Today’s guest knows these challenges all too well.

Before Ryan Patel began appearing regularly on CNN’s Newsroom, or advising numerous global organizations at the Board Director level, he led global development for the American frozen yogurt brand, Pinkberry.

Throughout his tenure with the firm, Patel helped launch the brand in markets around the world across Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In each market he learned valuable lessons about what it takes to succeed, as well as costly mistakes to avoid.

We discuss a range of topics including:

  • How did Ryan prioritize countries for expansion when Pinkberry was first setting its international expansion strategy?
  • What has he found to be critical success factors for establishing relationships with potential distribution and franchise partners?
  • How he handled the “local” side of going global (from sourcing to community engagement to competition)?
  • What are the necessary elements for corporate executives and corporate boards to build a shared vision for global expansion success?

(FSG’s Joel Backaler and Ryan Patel recording live in Los Angeles, CA)

About Ryan Patel:

Ryan Patel is a global business executive, board director and a CNN TV contributor on the Newsroom and has been featured on Nasdaq, BBC, Inc. Entrepreneur, WWD and more. He was awarded the 2015 Executive of the Year by the LA Business Journal and Special US Congressional Recognition for outstanding services to the community. He was listed by Inc. as one of nine executives and innovators that serve as an inspiration and model for how all business can give and make a difference.

Ryan serves on several Advisory Boards & Boards of Directors for companies ranging from social responsibility to technology. His deep knowledge in global economies, innovation, strategy and consumer trends has made him an expert & thought-leader in scaling businesses worldwide.

Ryan recently served as the Vice President of Global Development for Pinkberry. Over his 5-year tenure, the company had gone from less than 95 locations to over 270 stores in 23 countries. Prior to Pinkberry, he worked for Wet Seal Retail, Inc (Arden B, WS) Jamba Juice, BJ’s Restaurants, Inc & Panda Express.

Ryan has gained recognition on a world stage, having worked with Edison International, Nasdaq, London School of Economics, Wharton Business School, Osaka University and The World Government Summit.

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