[NEW] Webinar Series: Global Outlook and Events to Watch

As we end 2017 and look forward to the new year, Frontier Strategy Group is pleased to host a webinar series to give executives a comprehensive look at what’s in store for emerging markets in 2018!

In both webinars, you will have the chance to participate in a live Q&A session where you can pose any questions you may have. Please click the links below to register and save your seat.

WEBINAR #1 – 2018 Global Business & Compliance Outlook

  • DateDecember 5, 2017 at 10:00am EST
  • Presenters: FSG’s Director of Global Economics, Antonio Martinez, in partnership with President and CEO of CREATe, Pamela Passman
  • Topic: The global outlook has stabilized considerably over the last year as emerging markets continue a gradual recovery and developed markets demonstrate resilience to politically driven disruptions. However, multinational executives should not grow complacent — Chinese growth continues to moderate, the Federal Reserve is tightening monetary policy, and the Trump administration continues to drive uncertainty. The presentation will address the following issues top-of-mind for internationally-focused executives:
    • What important scenarios in developed markets should executives prepare for?
    • What are the key drivers of opportunity for multinational companies in emerging markets?
    • How will key geographies perform across North America, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe?

WEBINAR #2 – Events to Watch for 2018: Planning for a Global Economy at Risk 

  • Date: We are offering this webinar at two different times. Please register for the date of your choosing:
  • Presenters: FSG’s Director of Global Economics, Antonio Martinez, and Global Head of Research, Joel Whitaker
  • Topic: This presentation will address the major global upside and downside risks for multinationals in 2018 as explored in our Events to Watch for 2018 report. These events are top of mind for multinational executives, which include major drivers of uncertainty such as:
    • Trade tensions between the US and its major trade partners
    • Brexit and the Eurozone
    • China’s growing economic imbalances
    • The potential for a dangerous conflict in the Korean peninsula

Please contact us with any questions.

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