Focus on channel capabilities to unlock 11 percentage points of revenue growth

Over the last four years, in an effort to analyze the end-to-end Channel Management lifecycle, FSG’s global research and channel practice teams have authored 84 research studies, delivered over 55 custom consulting engagements, and interviewed hundreds of executives, channel managers and distributors across every region and sector of the global economy.  From this extensive research, three compelling facts paint a clear picture of what’s at stake for multinational corporations (MNCs):

  1. 63% of MNC emerging-market revenue, on average, is derived from the indirect sales channel
  2. Only 25% of MNCs regularly focus on developing the capabilities of their channel partners
  3. MNCs that do regularly measure and drive channel partner capability development realize a 10.9% improvement in top-line growth and a 4.4% increase in market share

Given the urgency and impact of channel capability development, FSG is pleased to officially launch its Channel Capability Assessment (CCA) program to help our clients unpack the root causes of channel underperformance and focus on the few critical capabilities that matter most to driving commercial outcomes.

FSG’s proven approach delivers results to our clients in three phases:

Phase 1: FSG diagnoses priority weaknesses among channel partners using our proprietary, capability-based Channel Diagnostic 360 Degree Survey. This efficient survey instrument evaluates your perspective, as well as that of your local partners to paint a complete picture of strengths and weaknesses against 20 core capabilities.  The Channel Diagnostic also allows FSG clients to establish a baseline view of their channel that can be updated on a regular basis to measure progress.

Phase 2: FSG analyzes survey results, assessing priority capability gaps as dictated by the specifics of your business and local operating environment. This analysis enables FSG to identify three or four top-priority capability gaps for immediate action – these are the capability gaps that, if closed, will drive revenue growth and operating margins.

Phase 3: FSG will work with you to prescribe recommendations for closing the highest priority capability gaps in an onsite presentation to your team. This interactive final phase enables our clients to drive buy-in for a highly focused, surgical solution to a short and specific list of weaknesses in the channel.

As you focus on driving 2018 commercial results, we hope that you will take advantage of this lever to improve growth and market share, and would be thrilled to share more details with you. The data show that the smallest improvements will yield significant results.

For a brief overview of FSG’s Channel Capability Assessment program, watch our video below!

FSG clients can contact their Client Relationship Director to learn more about our Channel Capability Assessment program.

Not a client? Contact us and our team will reach out to arrange an introductory conversation.

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