Insights from Kyiv: Rising optimism but some risks remain

Ukraine has faced an extremely tumultuous period over the past three years, and is beginning to recover and exit its recession. As MNCs are increasingly trying to anticipate the outlook for the market in the coming years and make strategic decisions regarding investments in the country, Ukraine is starting to return to focus. To help our clients evaluate the country’s strategic outlook, FSG’s Senior Analyst for Europe Mark McNamee spent a week in Kyiv meeting with clients, economists, and journalists to better understand the political and economic situation in the country and where the nation is heading. To hear the insights gained, FSG has published a podcast where Martina Bozadzhieva – Head of EMEA Research – sits down to talk with Mark McNamee, Senior Analyst for Europe.

Clients can access the podcast on FrontierView here. Not a client? Subscribe to our iTunes or Stitcher channel for audio insights.

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