New Podcast: The Future of Chinese Urbanization

With the recent launch of FSG’s China cities data (key leading indicators on 364 Chinese cities – now available in FrontierData) and our accompanying The Future of Chinese Urbanization report, this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Josef Jelinek, Senior Analyst for China.

Our discussion centered on three core topics – an update on the Chinese government’s urbanization plan and reform agenda, a deeper dive into the “cluster” methodology for prioritizing Chinese growth strategy, and key business considerations related to go-to market, talent and product portfolio. It is a timely discussion given the once in a lifetime shift happening in China to a consumption-led economy as the country tries to navigate slower economic growth and a more complex geopolitical landscape.

FSG clients can listen to the podcast interview on FrontierView here or download it from FSG’s Emerging Markets Insights channel on iTunes or Stitcher.

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