FSG Podcast: Plan B for Mexico

In a recent poll of Heads of International within FSG’s significant client base, 36% of them highlighted Mexico as the emerging market they are most concerned with in 2017, placing it above Russia, Brazil and China as their riskiest market. This figure is stunning given Mexico’s traditional and dependable role as a steady performer in our clients’ Latin America and Developing Markets portfolios.

In response to this increasing risk profile – driven by a number of potential external and internal disruptors looming on the horizon, FSG recently released a seminal report titled, Plan B for Mexico.  The report covers our current outlook, discusses disruptors, outlines scenarios, provides frameworks for scenario monitoring and contingency planning, and highlights actions our clients should be taking immediately to develop a realistic and nimble Plan B for Mexico. I had the pleasure of hosting a fascinating and broad ranging discussion on Mexico Plan B with Antonio Martinez, FSG’s Head of Global Economics and the author of our research.

Clients can access the podcast on FrontierView here. Not a client? You can listen to the podcast on FSG’s iTunes channel.

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