What Our Analysts Are Reading – 2/17/2017

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Each week Frontier Strategy Group’s global team shares their view on key media stories, and what the implications are for businesses that operate in emerging markets. For more information about how to contact our analysts, send us an email.

Joel Whitaker on “Big Tech Fears Trump’s ‘America First’ Visa Reforms”

“Conservative media in the US — a driver of base support for President Trump — is framing potential restrictions on H-1B visas for skilled foreign workers as a victory for American workers over Indian outsourcing firms, rather than as a constraint on US companies’ access to talent. FSG is tracking this and other signposts of our “Workforce Localization Crackdown” downside Event to Watch for 2017. ”

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Dalia Naguib on “Egyptians ditch imports and buy local as pound sinks”

“A shift in Egyptians’ consumption habits to buying cheaper local items is faring well in terms of sales growth for some Egyptian brands who normally compete with higher quality imported products. This opens up opportunities for MNCs, especially those hit by high import tariffs, to make acquisitions of local brands who are able to maintain their competitive pricing.”

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MarioMario Gutierrez on “Argentina’s Falabella Index Suggests Macri Reforms Are Working”

“President Macri’s reforms are showing positive results. Some economists found that the price of 11 goods in Falabella retail stores, ranging from electronic gadgets to clothes, are still 81 percent higher than the average price of the same items in Chile, Colombia and Peru. However, those prices present also a 27 percentage-point drop from what they used to be six months ago, in August 2016.”

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Cheng Siew Chua on “Miners riled by Manila’s plan to cancel 75 contracts

“While the cancellation of mining contracts is unlikely to drastically undermine FDI inflows to the Philippines due to its strong economic fundamentals, the plan is a timely reminder for multinationals interested in investing in the country to take heed of its environmental regulations.”

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