FSG Wins 19 FocusEconomics Analyst Forecast Awards

FocusEconomics Awards

FSG is delighted to announce that we are the recipients of 19 FocusEconomics analyst forecast awards, including at least 1 award from each region. These awards confirm our analysts’ status as top economic forecasters in their fields. While we have previously shown that our forecasts lead the IMF’s by 2 – 4 months, this is the first time that we have been recognized by an independent company that directly compared our accuracy against dozens of other sources.

FocusEconomics is a leading provider of consensus forecasts. Each month, they aggregate forecasts from a variety of data providers, financial institutions, and international banks. Using this data, FocusEconomics was able to rank all of its forecasters in terms of their accuracy by calculating the error rate (the difference between the forecast and the actual value) for the past 24 months, weighting recent months more heavily than older months. This is the first year that FocusEconomics recognized the analysts and institutions with the highest forecast accuracy.

We believe that our ability to combine secondary research with in-market experiences and conversations with clients allows us to estimate changes in the macroeconomic environment quickly and accurately. Additionally, our refined methodology and strict quality control processes ensure our forecasts are aligned globally with our views. Each month, during our forecast process, our entire research team meets to review recent events and discuss how these events will impact various countries and/or regions.

The full list of our awards is located below. Congratulations to all of our outstanding analysts on their achievements!

  • APAC
    • Thailand, 1st place, GDP
    • Japan, 1st place, Inflation
  • Europe
    • Croatia, 1st place, Inflation
    • Czech Republic, 1st place, Inflation
    • Hungary, 1st place, Overall
    • Dominican Republic, 2nd place, GDP
  • MENA
    • Algeria: 2nd place, Inflation
    • Egypt, 3rd place, Inflation
    • Saudi Arabia, 2nd place, GDP
    • Saudi Arabia, 3rd place, Inflation
    • UAE, 1st place, GDP
  • SSA
    • Cote d’Ivoire: 3rd place, GDP
    • Ghana, 2nd place, Inflation
    • Kenya, 3rd place, Inflation
    • South Africa, 1st place, Overall
    • South Africa 2nd place, Inflation
    • Tanzania, 3rd place, Overall
    • Tanzania, 3rd place, Inflation
    • Uganda, 3rd place, Inflation

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