A Better Planning and Management Tool for Emerging Markets

I am pleased to announce the launch of FrontierView™ Dashboards, a fully customizable online tool that integrates FSG’s emerging markets research, data, charts, and analyses into a single, highly visual destination.

This revolutionary new tool has been built around the unique workflow requirements of an emerging markets executive. With strategic planning season on the horizon, FrontierView™ Dashboards helps executives and their teams simplify data management, track key markets, anticipate volatility, and align their teams on a common set of facts. As operators in emerging markets, we all know that baseline conditions evolve substantially from month to month and that information is often inconsistent and distributed across our companies, geographies and information sources. FrontierView™ Dashboards has been designed to address these pain points.

As CEO, one of my great privileges is that I regularly travel around the world to visit FSG’s global offices and spend time with our incredibly impressive client executives. During these trips, I can begin a day packed with meetings by discussing emerging markets strategy with the global business unit head of a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company over breakfast, and end it talking about geopolitical risk with the head of emerging markets at a large consumer goods company.

Some of the greatest lessons I learn from these visits come from identifying common challenges that our clients face regardless of industry, geography or unique company characteristics. For example, one of the largest and most common challenges I hear is how difficult it is for our client executives to achieve stakeholder alignment in their global organizations. Here is a snippet from a recent conversation I had with the Head of International at a large technology firm:

“We are making decisions off different sets of facts. My country manager is relying mostly on information from their distributors and sales teams to report the monthly and quarterly business outlook for our on-the-ground operations, which I fear is biased. My regional manager is using a different source of data and analysis, which tells a slightly different story. Meanwhile, their counterparts in other regions and at corporate are using alternate sources. This disparate information makes it nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction. And, by the way, all of this information is stored in email inboxes and desktops across different departments and different countries.”

This conversation is more common than one would think and it led me to challenge our product development team to work closely with our clients, commercial and research teams to come up with a technology solution to help address this issue. Our vision was to create a straightforward online tool that provided our clients with all of the critical inputs required to power their decision-making in emerging markets and also set itself apart from other products already on the market.

As part of our development process, the team also conducted a detailed analysis of our competitors in the information services and advisory space. We recognize that when a client chooses to work with Frontier Strategy Group, they have other options, and I wanted to make sure that the product we bring to market will clearly separate us from our traditional competitors.

I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has created with today’s launch of FrontierView™ Dashboards. If you’re an executive managing a business in emerging markets or a business analyst building next year’s strategic plan, I’m confident you will agree with me. This launch is a momentous occasion for our firm, our current clients, and our future clients who will immediately see value in this revolutionary tool. As the majority of our clients are about to enter their strategic planning season, the timing couldn’t be better.

If you’d like to learn how you can put this tool into action right away, please send a note to info@frontierstrategygroup.com or visit our website to request a demo today.

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