FSG’s FrontierData Forecasts Two Months Ahead of the IMF

Twice a year the IMF publishes global macroeconomic forecasts in their World Economic Outlook (typically in April and October). The most recent release of this database on October 7, 2014 included dramatic downward revisions, especially in Europe, which shocked investors and markets worldwide.

Our global forecasts from August match the IMF’s October revision to 2.9%, meaning FSG clients were two months ahead of the curve.

Our forecasting methodology uses a monthly revision cadence to ensure we are ahead of changes in the external environment. This cadence allows us to quickly react to shifts in the economy to produce data that encompasses recent events and help companies set more accurate targets.


Looking ahead, our forecast continues to show additional downward revisions before the end of the year. Our October forecasts already show a slight downward bias below the IMF’s October forecasts.

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