Frontier Strategy Group Ranks in Top 50 Places to Work in DC

Washington Post Top Work Places 2014This week, Frontier Strategy Group (FSG) was named one of the top 50 places to work in Washington, D.C. by the Washington Post, joining the ranks of the district’s most innovative and disruptive businesses who have cracked the code when it comes to company culture. The inaugural report, constructed by polling thousands of employees in the greater Washington area to evaluate the quality of leadership, pay and benefits, work-life balance and many other issues important to creating a workplace’s environment, highlights the unique factors that make FSG a great place to work.

According to FSG’s employees, there is one area in particular in which FSG stands out above all.

“Company culture,” says Mariel Maier, Global Human Capital Manager at FSG. “FSG strives to foster a fun, yet productive work environment to build a strong organizational culture. We use company events and activities throughout the year to bolster strong relationships between our employees on a global scale. In addition, one of FSG’s key cultural objectives is to ensure a mutual respect and openness between all employees. To support this initiative, we utilize an open floor plan where executives, managers, employees and interns all share a common workspace to promote a heavily-integrated, open communication across all employee levels and departments.”

FSG’s innovative approach is increasingly important in a time when the average American spends about 1700 hours per year at work. The weekly amount of time spent in an office only increases in large metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., and there is a rising trend in employee attrition as professionals seek other opportunities more frequently.

FSG Company Offsite in MexicoFSG Annual Retreat | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2014

Studies have shown that it takes more than a large pay check to keep employees in seat, and that company culture, work-life balance, and other perks help retain top talent.  Employers have a clear incentive to retain talent and in an effort to do so companies are allocating more resources and spending more time to create stronger employee retention programs – Frontier Strategy Group included.

“I love working at Frontier Strategy Group. FSG allows me to take ownership over my work but also provides a great sense of community and camaraderie,” says Lauren Goodwin, a Senior Analyst on the FSG’s research team. “FSG strikes the perfect balance of professional rigor and personal enjoyment for me.”

If you would like to work at FSG or require additional information, visit our careers page.  Frontier Strategy Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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