Podcast: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union | Expert Interview


The Customs Union between Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan increasingly attracts the attention of multinationals interested in expanding their presence in the CIS. In this podcast, FSG interviews Alexander Rogan, CEO of Russia Supply Chain and FSG Expert Advisor on the practical implications of the Customs Union for companies looking to transport goods across the CIS, as well as the opportunities that the Union creates for companies investing in the region.

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Alex RoganAlexander Rogan is the CEO of Russia Supply Chain, a series of publications and a consultancy. He previously worked as Managing Director at Priority Freight CIS, a logistics and supply chain company with offices in the EU, UK, and CIS. Mr. Rogan has 28 years of experience in global logistics and currently works in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Former Soviet Union. Mr. Rogan has also served as Managing Director of AJR Logistics, which provides inbound/outbound logistics in Russia. He has wide-ranging expertise in managing distribution in Russia. He was also the Russian editor for Logistics Leaders and published Russia’s Automotive Supply Chain magazine.

Alexander is available to FSG clients for private consultation – please reach out to your account manager to schedule a meeting. 

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