PODCAST: Regional Expansion in Russia – FSG Expert Interview

In this podcast interview, FSG expert advisor Chris Gilbert discusses practical steps for building a successful regional expansion strategy in Russia with Martina Bozadzhieva, FSG’s Senior Analyst for Central and Eastern Europe.

Key points discussed include:

1.  Developing a process to select regional markets in Russia; gathering the necessary information to properly evaluate secondary markets in Russia beyond Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

2.  Identifying key resources in the regions to assist Russian expansion and how to navigate government and non-government agencies while mitigating exposure to government corruption.

3.  Managing the internal conversation and overcoming the reluctance from corporate to expand in Russia, a high-risk market.

To listen to or download the podcast, click on this link to access the iTunes store.


Chris Gilbert

Chris Gilbert has extensive commercial and managerial experience in Russia with a proven track record of increasing sales and developing new income streams in Russia.  Chris currently serves as the Regional Development Director at IAL Group Limited where he is responsible for developing the international and local client base within key regions of Russia.  Prior to his work at IAL Group Chris was the Russia Director at Russo-British Chamber of Commerce serving as the bridge between Russian and British businesses to foster successful and profitable UK-Russia relations.

Chris is fluent in written and spoken Russian and is available to FSG clients for Russian business strategy consultation on request.  Please feel free to email us at sales@frontierstrategyroup.com or contact your account manager if interested in scheduling time with Chris.


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