PODCAST: Colombia’s Balanced Growth Model Under Strain

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Listen as Frontier Strategy Group’s CEO, Richard Leggett, interviews Senior Analyst for Latin America, Antonio Martinez, regarding trends likely to impact multinationals’ performance in Colombia during Q1 2013.

Key points discussed include:

1. Multinationals have seen the benefits from recent free trade agreements somewhat delayed due to difficulties in modernizing customs processes and delayed government implementation of some of its commitments

2. The Colombian government is expected to propose more pro-investment reforms in the mining and hydrocarbon industries in 2013, which will lead to greater inflows of foreign direct investment into these industries. This could exacerbate the imbalances in the economy that are hurting the manufacturing sector

3. The financial duress facing Colombia’s healthcare system will lead the government to increase its role in the country’s private healthcare markets and to be more assertive in its use of reference pricing for patented products

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