Emerging Market View: What Our Analysts Are Reading – 2/15/2013

Recent economic headlines reflected what FSG’s research reports have indicated around the world.  Ranging from the economic implications of the Syrian civil war to Argentina’s controversial elections and Estee Lauder’s successful EM portfolio, here are a few articles that our analysts read this week pertaining to emerging markets:

Estee Lauder reported big success in emerging markets via MSN Money online Emerging markets drive Estee Lauder’s profit growth:

“Not surprising that the Asia Pacific region was the largest contributor to Estee Lauder’s sales growth.  From a global perspective, we are noticing an uptick in consumer goods companies that are prioritizing the strong consumer environments available throughout the region.”
-Sam OsbornSenior Analyst

The Financial Times’ Beyondbrics blog, centered on emerging market news, posted an interesting entry about Vote buying in Latin America:

“The numbers validate FSG’s view that Hugo Chavez essentially bought his reelection in 2012 with huge increases in public spending, for which the country is now suffering a hangover. This article highlights other countries with a strong propensity to inflate the economy prior to elections, of relevance in 2013 to the growth outlook in Ecuador and Argentina in particular.”
-Clinton CarterHead of Latin America Research

The Washington Post reported Syrian business exodus gains pace:

“Syrian businessmen are shifting their investments, operations, and focus abroad amid increasing chaos of the civil war.  FSG mentioned how this impacts Jordan and Lebanon in the recently released MENA regional overview. This article also cites examples involving Egypt and the UAE.”
– Matthew SpivackPractice Leader for the Middle East and North Africa

*Post compiled by Hal Olson

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