PODCAST: Anticipating Channel Transitions in Emerging Markets

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Exiting a distribution relationship is often a very painful process, resulting in lengthy disputes, lawsuits and reputation damage. Diminish your exposure to this pain by anticipating a channel transition well ahead of time, allowing you to signal to distributors that change is coming. Identify your position on a 4 stage channel maturity path and consider reviewing your channel strategy annually. Learn how leading multinationals are anticipating channel transitions in this podcast from Dan Kornfield, FSG’s Director of Strategic Research.



From the MNC Conference Room to the Classroom – and Back Again

FSG has just published a report, Resilient Targets, Aligned Budgets, expanding on our resources supporting our clients on the strategic planning process.  This new report (which I will cover in more depth in a separate post next week) includes contributions from not only FSG researchers from around the world, but also a group of nine […]

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