Executives Highly Optimistic About Indonesia Amid Global Uncertainty

Country Sentiment Index Indonesia Q2 SCORE = 77*

Executives Highly Optimistic About Indonesia Amid Continuing Global Uncertainty (see graphs)

■     The majority of the executives questioned expect the country’s business environment to remain at a similar level or improve further, even as the government attempts to implement protectionist measures that could potentially hurt multinationals

■     Moreover, 53% are also expecting their revenues to rise further in Q3 2012 compared to Q2. The decidedly positive sentiment is the likely result of  Indonesia’s resilient and strong domestic demand, which is expected to sustain high growth in the long run

■     Indonesia’s demography shows many people in a productive age range, increasing employment rate, and a rising middle class. This has convinced 65% of those surveyed to consider increasing their investment level in the near future



■     Companies can use FSG’s CSI to track long-term sentiment amongst executives regarding our key markets

■     FSG calculates Country Sentiment Index (CSI) based on the responses gathered from our senior executives in the region. Each response is given a score on a scale of 0 to 100 by assigning the following values:  0=decreasing, 50= about the same, 100=increasing. A total score above 50 would indicate positivity while a score below 50 would indicate negativity

■     This is the first CSI; companies can monitor Long Term trends in the upcoming quarters


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