Executives Continue to Pursue High Growth Targets in Brazil


  • Despite Brazil’s weaker-than-expected performance in 2011, senior executives responsible for Brazil have high growth targets for 2012
  • Brazil saw disappointing growth in 2011 and is likely to see only a slight improvement in 2012
  • FSG is observing a greater slowdown in revenue growth in industrial companies than in consumer goods companies
  • Given ambitious targets and a sluggish economy, FSG executives are pursuing riskier growth strategies in 2012, with almost two-thirds of clients looking to introduce new products and/or deepen their investments in 2nd and 3rd tier markets
  • Our clients expect their best performances to come from established markets in the Southeast, but are increasingly turning their attention to high-growth markets in the Northeast and Central-West
  • Clients see the need for more investments in marketing and human resources in 2012, building on larger investments in sales staff in 2011

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