5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Emerging Markets

Local Competitors

  • Maintaining a steadfast focus on the premium market is the leading cause of significant downturns in corporate revenue growth that many MNCs experience
  • A failure to shift tactics away from the premium segment will prevent you from taking advantage of the increase in disposable income and size of the middle income segment in emerging markets
  • The figure above illustrates the 5 common errors MNCs tend to make when responding to local competition in emerging markets


Scotland’s ‘No’ Vote Changes the UK’s Status Quo

On the night of September 18, Scotland voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom. The “no” camp had maintained a safe distance ahead for most of the 18-month campaign period, but the past few weeks have seen a strong resurgence of the “yes” campaign, leaving the election night results neck-in-neck. While the margin of […]

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