12 Key Events You May Have Missed in India this Week

If you’ve been focusing on end-of-year business performance this week instead India’s macroeconomy, you’ve missed a lot. This flowchart highlights key events of the past week and the ultimate drivers: Global uncertainty, inflation, and upcoming state elections.

Frontier Strategy Group’s prognosis for India’s economy in 2012 is relatively grim. However, we continue to hear from clients that India is a critical growth market. A “grim” outlook for India still means 7.7% GDP growth in 2012, compared to 3.5% in Brazil and Russia.


Scotland’s ‘No’ Vote Changes the UK’s Status Quo

On the night of September 18, Scotland voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom. The “no” camp had maintained a safe distance ahead for most of the 18-month campaign period, but the past few weeks have seen a strong resurgence of the “yes” campaign, leaving the election night results neck-in-neck. While the margin of […]

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