12 Key Events You May Have Missed in India this Week

If you’ve been focusing on end-of-year business performance this week instead India’s macroeconomy, you’ve missed a lot. This flowchart highlights key events of the past week and the ultimate drivers: Global uncertainty, inflation, and upcoming state elections.

Frontier Strategy Group’s prognosis for India’s economy in 2012 is relatively grim. However, we continue to hear from clients that India is a critical growth market. A “grim” outlook for India still means 7.7% GDP growth in 2012, compared to 3.5% in Brazil and Russia.


Prabowo CNBC

Indonesia’s Political Landscape: Credible opposition from Prabowo unlikely

FSG’s Practice Leader for APAC, Adam Jarczyk, sat down with the host of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” recently to discuss developments in Indonesia’s political landscape. Excerpts from Adam’s notes: Will Prabowo continue to oppose Jokowi now that his appeal has been rejected? He may try, but it’s likely to be a futile battle.  Now that Indonesia’s […]

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